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A rubric is a set of criteria and standards that are used to assess a student's performance on papers, projects, essays, and other assignments. Rubrics allow for standardized evaluation according to specified criteria, making grading simpler and more transparent.

Rubrics produce assessments that are far more detailed than a single, holistic grade. Instead of concluding that this was a "B- paper," the rubric-based assessment notes the level of achievement for each of the criteria (e.g., use of evidence, coherence of argument, etc ...).

The rubric provides students with the exact criteria the instructor is expecting. The rubric also provides those who have been assessed with a clear indication of what they need to accomplish in the future to better their performance. The rubric allows teachers and students alike to assess material that could otherwise be entirely subjective. It is not uncommon for instructors who employ rubrics to share the rubric with students at the start of the assignment.

Simply put, using rubrics reduces or elimnates the sujectivity of grading a written assignement and provides the student with the reason as to why a grade was awarded.

Financial Example

If a teacher earns $38,000.00 per year and works an average of 50 hours per week, that breaks down to $14.62 per hour (based on a nine month school year). If there are two assignments per week that could be graded using rubrics, the teacher has only 30 students, and only 4.15 minutes per assignment are saved (lowest estimate from Rubrics Online usability tests), the teacher will recover almost 162 hours per year, with a net dollar value of $2,368.44.

If that same teacher taught six classes (raising the number of students to 180) the annual hours saved are over 970 which represents over $14,210.00.

Either way you consider this, in hours of life recovered or by its potential financial impact, Rubrics Online is a very valuable tool.

Rubrics Online Savings Calculator

Your annual salary:
Average hours worked in one week:
Hourly wage:
Number of weekly assignments that could use rubrics:
Number of students in all classes you teach:
Average minutes saved per assignment per student:

Calcuate Rubrics Online's Value Minutes saved per week: 250
Hours saved per week: 4.15
Hours saved per year: 161.85
Value of hours saved per week: $60.67
Value of hours saved per year: $2,366.25
Teachers - recover $2,000.00 or more each year in lost time!

Rubrics Online: Applied Rubrics Grading Software

What is Rubrics Online What is Rubrics Online?

Rubrics Online is a rubric using application that will save you, at a minimum, four minutes for each paper you grade. Depending on the size of the assignment, some papers can actually realize over 30 minutes saved! Use the calculator to see how much money those four minutes can mean to you.

Rubrics Online will enable you to provide better instructions and substantive feedback to your students for each and every assignment and it is very easy to operate.

How Rubrics Online Works How Rubrics Online Works

As an instructor, you define your school(s), courses, and assignments. Once you receive the students' submission for an assignment, you select that assignment, move the sliders to their appropriate positions, and when finished, click the "Produce Results" button.

The textual feedback that you provide to your students is created in a rich-text format so you can add more comments, highlight or emphasize items, or use the output as is. You can print, copy and paste, or create a PDF of the results. This is an actual PDF created by Rubrics Online with no changes made to the generated text.

Please take a look at this short video to see how simple it was to create this output.

Why Use Rubrics Online? Why Use Rubrics Online?

Rubrics Online is a tool designed to help teachers save time, enhance their grading output, and provide a fair and objective assessment of students’ work. Please view our demo to better understand what this application can do for you. The best way to learn about this software is to use it, free for 60 days!. Sign up now for your free trial.


Financial impact of Rubrics Online Financial Impact

The saying that "time is money" is wholly inaccurate; time is much more valuable; one can always earn more money.
Rubrics Online quite simply saves teachers valuable hours and provides superior feedback to students.

Calculator Calculator

Use this calculator to determine your own return on investment provided by this software.  More on the financial impact of using Rubrics Online can be read here.

No limits with Rubrics Online What Are The Limitations?

Short answer: None. Each Rubrics Online instructor account can have unlimited schools, with unlimited classes, with unlimited assignments, with unlimited rubrics.

It's a fully functional free trial, it will save you time, you will be more consistent grading papers, and you will provide better feedback to your students.

What are you waiting for? Create Your Account Now!

What Are Rubrics?

A rubric is a scoring tool to use when grading subjective assessments. Click here to learn more about using rubrics.

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